Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are good for almost every person with a missing tooth. In some cases dental implants are not recommended. Dental implants are not a good treatment option for heavy smokers, pregnant women, children and patients taking certain medications.

Implant procedures have become one of the most preferred dental treatments to replace missing teeth. It provides you with a functional and cosmetic long lasting solution to your specific needs as long as you are an adequate candidate and that you require them.

Implants are small titanium cylinders treated and coated with substances that aid in the initial attraction of bone forming cells. They are surgically used to replace the roots of missing teeth. When some of the tooth is missing, the rest of the teeth have a natural tendency to migrate by erupting out of the jaw bone- in a process known as over eruption in order to make up for the spaces in your mouth. Over eruption can cause bite problems, misaligned teeth and even bone loss. Treating this condition can sometimes be complex; this is why it is recommended to replace missing teeth quickly.

Implant related procedures offer the advantage of a naturally looking and functional smile. This is because the implant is carefully placed directly into your jaw bone below the gum- feeling and looking like your own natural tooth.

There are several advantages to dental implants compared to dentures or bridges: implants are the best kind of restoration for missing teeth. They prevent bone loss, restore functionality, and are aesthetically beautiful. With dental implants you will not experience some of the consequences of wearing a denture alone or a removable bridge like soreness in the gums, loose dentures, and lost of taste.

At our practice the surgical protocol of a dental implant treatment is divided into three parts.

The first part is the diagnostic and treatment planning phase which consists of a comprehensive exam. This involves a thorough evaluation of a 3D imaging exam utilizing Cone Beam CT technology. At this point we become aware of the amount of available bone in the site and soft tissue as well as the adjacent anatomical structures. We then proceed to schedule an appointment for the surgical phase. The surgical phase depends on the demands of the site in question and we usually explain this process to you during the diagnosis and treatment plan phase. The third phase is the restorative phase in which we proceed to create a restoration always made in the finest and most durable materials available.

Our office is equipped and certified to perform these procedures while you sleep utilizing the safest method for IV sedation. Dr Ordonez’s philosophy is to resemble nature cosmetically and functionally in a caring and compassionate environment.

Dental implants are considered expensive by some, but over time they are the most cost effective solution to missing teeth. While dentures have to be replaced several times, create a feeling of insecurity due to constant movement and instability, dental implants will give you a sense of confidence that will likely last through your lifetime if you take proper care (hygiene).

Dr Ordonez has been recognized by many of the most important societies and universities in implantology all over the world and has lectured, developed techniques and instruments for this field.  He will work hard to make sure your expectations are met and his goal is to create dental restorations that will create self confidence and long lasting memories. He will do his very best to make sure you leave his office feeling happy.