Bone Regeneration

There are several kinds of procedures performed in implant dentistry to regenerate or preserve bone. For this purpose, there are several bio-materials that have been created to be placed in the surgical site, and eventually become your own bone.

Particulate Graft

The particulate graft materials come in small containers and are engineered in different ways and presentations. These bio-materials can be obtained from several sources including human tissue banks, animals (usually cows and porcine) and synthetic sources.

We select the bio-material that we feel will work better for your specific necessity to ensure predictable safe results.

These materials need to have a source of cells and blood supply to eventually convert into your own bone.

Block Graft

The block graft is a surgical procedure utilized to repair or enhance a site that is extremely deficient in bone volume. This type of procedure is considered by many the most complex and technique sensitive procedure utilized in implant dentistry and requires an advanced level of expertise.

The block graft consists in the harvesting process of a piece of bone (bone block) usually from the chin or ramus. This block is transferred to the site where the bone volume needs to be enhanced. The block is secured in place with two fixation screws.

There are several techniques for block graft harvest and placement. Dr. Ordonez has performed each technique and enjoys a high level of success being able to reconstruct highly atrophic mandibles and maxillas.

BMP Graft

One of the biggest and most important advances in implant dentistry is the ability to utilize the Bone Morphogenetic protein (BMP) to regenerate and reconstruct bone. The BMP material has allowed us to grow bone to levels that we only dreamed about in the past.

This wonderful bio material is utilized in conjunction with particulate graft or even a block graft and becomes a great way to enhance and promote bone formation. This type of bone when observed in the microscope is identified as Nu bone or a very young bone to explain it in a simple way. This material has definitely increased predictability in regenerative bone surgery for dental implants and is changing rapidly the way we perform our surgical procedures.

The process of preserving or growing bone is a sensitive technique and requires experience and knowledge.

Dr Ordonez has been performing these procedures for several years and has trained other doctors one on one in these types of techniques.