Partial Dentures

When you have missing teeth as result of dental problems that can cause an extraction, this is an option to consider.
Partial Dentures consist of a plate with some artificial teeth attached to it. Is recommended when there are several missing teeth. A partial denture will fill in the spaces and keep you chewing effectively.

This plate is custom made by the lab from models of your mouth. Partial Dentures have clips (clasps) that are attached to healthy teeth to firmly hold it in place.


  1. Can be less costly and less invasive than other alternatives like dental implants or fixed bridges.
  2. Are more functional than complete dentures and help keep existing teeth.


  1. Can be uncomfortable to use and must be removed at night to be properly cleaned.
  2. Adjacent teeth can decay as a result of the clips around them.
  3. Adjacent teeth can loosen and can be lost due to bone loss.
  4. Pressure and movement of the partial dentures can affect the gums.
  5. Thus, additional treatments will make the patient incur in more costs.

A good alternative for partial dentures are dental implants.

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures are used when all teeth are lost for or extracted. A complete denture will be made to custom fit your mouth.

In both cases it takes two to three appointments to deliver a complete denture.

Some disadvantages to partial and complete dentures are:

  • Loosing ability to taste food for complete denture since the paladar is partially covered in and for partial dentures with of the use of the retainer
  • Having to redo the denture when it gets loose.

In the beginning you may feel some discomfort. The denture may tip when you chew, it may feel bulky, you will feel some increased salivary flow, you may have a gagging sensation, your tongue feels crowded, and you will have some difficulty speaking. But with time these symptoms will go away.

A good alternative for partial dentures are dental implants to replace the missing teeth. Dental implants prevent bone loss that affects your bite and your TMJ. With dental implants your mouth will feel natural.

With a complete or partial denture will make you chew better and look and feel better. Most of all, you will not loose the ability of tasting food which happens when you have a retainer.

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