Full Size Bridge in Zirconia

For fully edentulous patients, the best alternative to an implant supported overdenture is to fabricate a full zirconia bridge. An average of six to eight implants are placed as anchorage.

We do not believe in four implants supporting full bridges (a common practice by many that is now in fashion because is cheap, not because is good or long lasting) as anchorage is limited and longevity of the treatment can be compromised.

We like to build solid foundations for our implant work. Our Zirconia bridges are beautifully crafted to replace some of the bone volume loss over time and the shape and color of your gums is recreated as well as your teeth. This bridges are then connected to the implants.

It feels like having natural teeth and you can go back to enjoy your favorite food and smile and talk with full confidence.
We recommend periodic visits to our office for maintenance of your work.