Have a Toothache-Free Holiday and a Smiley New Year!! (Part 2)

Planning and preparation are paramount to have a stress-free, happy like a belly full of jelly, Holiday. Make sure you have dinner ready in time, and an extra plate setting in case you get an unexpected guest. And if you happen to be traveling, don’t forget to pack the gifts!

You may have sent you dentist a Holiday Greetings card, but you are probably not planning on having his office number on speed dial, right? And your dentist is a nice fellow, he surely needs some family time too.

Take note, if you are suffering of any dental issue, now is the time to take care of it, before the Holiday break is here and the turkey is in the oven!

A toothache filled Holiday may be a quick and painful way to ruin your plans! If you’re lucky, a quick call to the dentist can get you seen immediately, but what happens if disaster strikes when the office is closed, you’re traveling, or some other less than ideal scenario? Here are some quick tips to handle common teeth crises we hope you don’t have to use during these Holidays.

Braces come loose:

It may not sound so dire, but braces that come undone can be more than just aggravating. The wires are sharp enough to get stuck in your sensitive cheeks, gum and mouth if they come free. Avoid getting poked by covering the pointed end with cotton, gauze or beeswax. Try not to pull on the wire to avoid further complications.

Something stuck between your teeth:

Using your teeth to rip open packaging or chewing on a pen or pencil (all of which are dental no-no’s) can cause small objects to get wedged between your teeth. While it may cause discomfort, don’t reach for something sharp to dislodge it — doing so could damage your enamel and gums. Try flossing it out instead.

To minimize the chance of oral trauma from occurring, follow these safety tips:

  • Wear a mouth guard when playing sports or engaging in extremely physical activities.
  • Avoid eating overly hard foods, and cut food into bite-size pieces when possible.
  • Use scissors to open bags or boxes, not your teeth.
  • Keep objects out of your mouth, or try sugar-free gum if you have an urge to chew.

Seeing your dentist regularly is also critical to detecting and treating minor problems before they become worse. Get a checkup at least every six months or as advised by your dentist.