How Should You Deal With Oral Care During Pregnancy?

Expecting moms have so much to plan – and so much to take care of during their pregnancy. It goes without saying that regular obstetric visits are paramount. But how should women deal with proper oral care during pregnancy?

We all know it’s common for expectant moms to experience sensitive and/or bleeding gums. These symptoms usually resolve themselves after the baby is born. But many expectant moms wonder if they should postpone regular oral care appointments while pregnant. Are standard dental procedures – including X-rays or having local anesthesia – safe for pregnant women? What if a pregnant mom gets a toothache? Must she just suffer through it?

Let’s take this worry away from pregnant moms right now. Regular oral care is safe throughout pregnancy – and extremely important. Delaying the treatment of any dental problem during pregnancy can be dangerous. For example, the bacteria from an infected tooth could spread throughout the bloodstream – putting mom and baby at risk. The American Dental Association confirms that dental treatments involving local anesthetics are safe for pregnant women. Root canals, a tooth extraction and filling cavities can all be performed during this time. Even X-rays are safe. The radiation level in an X-ray is quite low, and you’ll be covered by a lead apron, which protects the abdomen. Regular dental cleanings are also extremely important. Our hygienists deal with plaque not removed by your regular brushing and flossing, thus lowering the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease developing. A healthy mouth decreases the risk of delivering prematurely or having a baby with low birth weight.

Make sure to let our office know you are pregnant – and your due date – when you schedule your appointment. This helps us provide the best possible care, and gives us the notice we need to make your visit more comfortable. For regular non-emergency dental visits, (remember to schedule one every six months) the second trimester or early in the third trimester is ideal. We’ll also need to be updated on any medications you may be taking during pregnancy. Consider us part of your team for a healthy pregnancy. We’re here for you, Mom!