Our hearts smile at these news!

We want to share with you this heartwarming story about two schools and a group of children making a difference in this world.

Club Cristiano La Esperanza is a small rural school located in the remote town of La Chureca, near Managua, Nicaragua. 

Club Cristiano La Esperanza is a ministry center that provides for the needs of children in the neighborhood near the Managua dump (known as La Chureca).  Since 2000, the ministry has helped the children in the community with their school Colegio Esperanza .

The Club sits now at the entrance to the new “La Chureca” neighborhood.  They provide for nearly 300 children at all levels of life;  free preschool, after school tutoring for elementary aged students, and a High School scholarship program.  Every student receives two meals a day as they also have a feeding program.  They offer sports, music and art classes for the children in the program.

Earlier this year Dr. Ordonez’s daughter, Mariaclara Ordonez, and her school decided to go visit the children in this school. They took a ‘field trip’ and went over to this remote location to help out and bring much needed supplies for the children. 

Here, at South Miami Family Dental, we couldn’t be prouder. We gladly donated toothpaste and toothbrushes and other dental supplies. These images say it all. 

If you want to help the school, and trust us they need all the help they can get, please visit their website to learn how you too could make a difference.