Putting Pain and Anxiety to Rest: Your Anesthetic and Sedative Options

Panicking at the mere thought of visiting the dentist?

From mild anxiety to a full-blown phobia, fear of dental work is an all-too-common problem that stands between many individuals and the oral health care they need.
However, you need not choose between suffering in the chair or staying away until it is an emergency. Between various types of anesthesia and several kinds of sedatives, there are more options than you might think to avoid pain or discomfort.

Minimizing Your Risk

Dentists keep your safety top of mind when administering anesthesia or a sedative, but there are always risks involved. To protect your health, consult with your dentist at length about which option might be best for you, and come prepared with a detailed history of current and past illnesses, medications and health conditions.

The best way to be sure that your anxiety problems are controlled is to talk to your dentist about, and know the Sedation Dentistry options they can offer.

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