Teeth Whitening

At South Miami Family Dental we offer the best in-office whitening systems that can get your teeth looking the brightest in less than an hour.

We use state-of-the-art technology that works by activating a special gel that is applied to your teeth. The Whitening gel works together with the light to penetrate the teeth and brake up the stains and discoloration.

This Whitening gel is composed by hydrogen peroxide that when it is broken down, allows oxygen to enter the enamel bleaching colored substances while leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged.

Custom whitening trays are an alternative treatment when the teeth are very sensitive. The tray is filled with a gentle material and inserted in the mouth. They are used every night to gradually achieve the brightness as desired. – guide-

In South Miami Family Dental will examine the teeth and gums to be sure that a patient is a candidate for a whitening treatment. Our patients oral health is a priority for us.

A dental cleaning is recommended a week before the whitening treatment for best results.

Your teeth clean, white and healthy are our concern.

If you want a teeth whitening, call us to schedule your appointment. 305 666 0375