What is TMD?

TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders) is also known as TMJ, TMJ being the anatomical structure, not the disease. This debilitating disorder can negatively affect your lifestyle over time.

How many doctors have you seen already for your never-ending migraines? How many doctors have you visited because of face pain or clicking and crepitus noises around your ears?

These, and many other symptoms, such as stuffiness in the ears, dizziness, neck pain, tired jaws, limited jaw opening or locking and pain when chewing, are very often symptoms of a disorder better known as TMD.

Dr. Ordonez is a Graduate Research Fellow in the treatment of TMJ Disorders, Orofacial pain and pain management from Tuft University. Through out his years of experience he has gained recognition among colleagues and patients for his dedication, commitment and excellent treatment results. At our office we use the latest diagnostic, preventive and restorative technology in the treatment of pain associated with misaligned tooth and TMJ disorders (Bite Analysis).

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