An 11-year-old girl invented a lollipop that help to reduce the risk of cavities

Alina Morse, is a fifth grader, who lives in Michigan with her family. So far, a normal little girl, but her ingenious mind, eager curiosity and health concerns helped to create a lollipop made with plant-derived sugar alternatives, that helps to reduce the risk of cavities.

“I asked my Dad—he says over 100 times—when are we going to make a healthy sucker? And every time I went to the bank or saw free candy in a dish, it was a reminder to ask.

“At 11 years old, Morse is the brains behind Zollipops, the Stevia-sweetened lollipops that reduce acidity in the mouth and help reduce the risk of cavities. The suckers may be geared toward parents seeking a healthier alternative to sugary sweets, but the colorful Zollipops are designed with just about any sweet tooth in mind. Made with plant-derived sugar alternatives erythritol and xylitol, they are gluten-free, vegan and kosher.

What inspired you to create Zollipops?

During a trip to the bank with my Dad, a teller offered me a sugary lollipop. I love candy, but my Dad had told me that too much sugar was not good for me or my teeth. So I asked, why can’t we make a sucker that is good for you?

… After discovering the teeth cleaning ingredients erythritol and xylitol, we tried making [lollipops containing these ingredients] at home in molds. That didn’t work; we made a huge mess! Then we researched and found a manufacturing plant that had the right equipment and allergen limitations in their facility. One of my friends had several severe food allergies, and I wanted her to be able to enjoy them too.”

To read the full article: The Innovative Spirit by Brittany Shoot for The Smithsonian Magazine. Oct. 31 2016.