Bite Appliances / Mouth Plates

Bite appliances are removable plastic devices made from impressions of your teeth. They are fitted to your teeth and balanced to relax the muscles and reduce body stress.

A TMJ splint is made of a rigid acrylic material and it is different from the night guard used for bruxism. While the night guard creates a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth, the splint re positions the jaw to relieve the pain symptoms.

Several adjustments must be made to the splint because the bite will change as the muscles relax. Poorly adjusted plates do not succeed in resolving the problem.

A daytime plate is generally worn on the lower teeth allowing ease of speech. Another plate is used during the night for the upper teeth. This allows each arch of teeth to get periods of rest from the plate.

Patients suffering from TMJ need custom made plates. They must seek treatment from their dentist.