Bondings and Fillings


Composite Fillings are bio compatible materials utilized when a patient needs to restore a decayed, fractured or chipped tooth. These materials are highly cosmetic and will resemble the color of your natural tooth keeping its healthy look.

Metal restorations darken your smile. We prefer to be on the safe side and don’t do restorations in amalgam anymore as they contain mercury. There are published studies that correlate chronic illnesses with a multitude of symptoms associated with exposure from dental amalgam and other metal alloys.


Bonding materials are used to close spaces in between teeth, to lengthen small or misshaped teeth, to improve the appearance of stained or dark teeth, and to protect a portion of the tooth´s root that has been exposed when gums recede.

When teeth are chipped or beginning to wear bonding can protect them from damage and restore their original looks.

Bondings are among the easiest and less expensive cosmetic dental procedures.**