Child Bruxism

Many parents can be worried when notice that their child has problems with their teeth. For example, a type of bruxism (they make sounds with teeth while sleeping).
Here you will find some info about this and what you can do to prevent bruxism in your children.

Teeth grinding happens more than you think. It can happen to people of any age, whether children or adults. In children case, it is essential to be treated, to prevent that habit, because it can be a long term problem and affect their teeth.

While it may disappear with the passage of time, it is good to be alert. Child Bruxism is a habit that little ones can acquire. What it does is to move the jaw sharply and this may affect the chewing process.

Types of Bruxism

One type of Bruxism is Central, which cause clenching the teeth. Other type known as Eccentric Bruxism,  make children rub their teeth.

If this happen during the day, the child may be doing some activity. It is important to detect when this happens to correct the action. Some often live stressful situations that lead them to grind their teeth. At night it is harder to detect because the child does not realize the involuntary action that is taking place in their mouth.

In extremely serious cases its recommend placing a discharge splint  or a miorelaxant plate. In contrast to this, some dental professionals consider that since the growing child, the use of these can obstruct the craniofacial development.

There are cases where the dentist can diagnose the presence of teeth grinding it is due to the presence of parasites.

In all cases, the best action that a parent can take about Child Bruxism is to visit the Dentist to confirm and prevent the disease before it gets more complicated.

Source: Mundo odontólogo