Do you know the advantage of having the best dental implant specialist with us?

Dental Implants related procedures offer the advantage of a naturally looking and functional smile. But patients tend to be confused about the process. It takes three phases to have your smile back.

When the process of implants relays in one sole doctor, and all the phases are done under the same roof, the patient have a bonus on the results.

What is that bonus?

Simple, many implant specialists have alliances with other service providers so, they make the first part (implant) in one place and the crown in other. The result is not always the best, pieces that don’t fit, colors that doesn’t look natural or matching with the patient’s natural teeth, wrong sizes, etc.

Having one specialist taking care of everything, supervising the whole process just to make sure that your smile and more important, the functionality of your bite are perfectly done is what we offer in South Miami Family Dental, our renown specialist Dr. Alvaro Ordonez DDS, is the best in Miami, his well known expertise precedes him. 

As our team director, he is the leader you want in your corner -sort to speak-. Dr. Ordonez is the best in his field for many reasons, the main, his devotion to the patient wellness. Nothing is more important to him than a patient who leaves our dental office healthy and happy.

We don’t want to be just “your dentist office” we want to built a long relationship with you and your oral health.

Come to visit us, ask for Dr. Ordonez and you’ll have the best implant dentist of Miami at your service!