Maximize your dental insurance and benefits before the end of the year

We all know what a crazy month December can be. Holiday prep takes so much time: shopping, wrapping, cooking, getting ready for a full schedule of holiday parties – the list goes on. In all the rush, make sure you set aside the necessary time to make the most of your dental benefits. If there are some procedures you’ve been putting off, schedule them ASAP so we can get your work done before you lose your 2017 benefits. Ignoring simple dental issues can create bigger problems for you down the road. Here’s a quick example:

             Let’s say during your last visit to our office, we discovered you had a cavity. You said                            you’d schedule a follow-up appointment, but never actually got around to doing it. Now it’s              December, and you’re incredibly busy. Imagine how awful you’d feel if you developed a             toothache over the holidays. Worse yet, what could have been fixed by a simple filling (usually            handled in our office in one visit) – if ignored – could evolve into the need for a root canal or          even an extraction.

Don’t derail a happy holiday season. Carve out some time to keep your smile at its healthiest and holiday brightest. And, it’s a very bright idea to use all your dental benefits before year end