The Importance of Sleep and Good Dental Hygiene

Are you aware of how your oral health habits can impact your ability to get sufficient rest?

The research and statistics do show poor oral health can keep you awake at night! But we are speaking about far more than just poor dental hygiene here. It is possible your problems might not be related to bad dental habits at all. If you’re an individual who suffers from extreme anxiety or who is under a great deal of stress—this will come through in your sleep at night. But how is this possible?

These very characteristics severely impact your dental health in multiple ways. For example, from teeth grinding to clenching of the jaw to gum disease and canker sores—stress can be responsible for all of these adverse symptoms. Clearly, how you handle your health daily impacts your oral health, which in turn adversely impacts your ability to get a good night sleep!

The proper amount of sleep each night can actually protect your oral health instead of harming it.

If you can get a handle on stress, anxiety and worry in general you can begin making dramatic changes to your oral health! The less anxiety you have in your life the more able your body is to ward off dental issues like: periodontal disease, bad breathe, canker sores, and more. You might even find good stress management can help minimize the risks of cavities as well!

It’s amazing, isn’t it?   But, what if your health issue is more than this?   What if you have a sleep obstructive disorder you’re not aware of?

Let’s discuss this and see what the solution might be to improve your sleep and thus improve upon your health in general.

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