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Bite Appliances / Mouth Plates

Bite appliances are removable plastic devices made from impressions of your teeth. They are fitted to your teeth and balanced to relax the muscles and reduce body stress.

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Comprehensive TMJ Evaluation

The TMJ Evaluation is a detailed exam of your bite. During the evaluation the doctor will examine how the jaw moves on opening and closing and how the teeth come together.

Many factors can affect the bite such as missing or tilted teeth. Posture can also affect the bite; therefore the doctor may observe your walk and standing posture.

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Mobilization of TMJ

The mobilization of the TMJ is a procedure that is used to improve joint play at the temporomandibular joint. Sometimes the jaw can be locked and the mouth opening restricted.

This usually happens when the some structures of your mandible joint needs to be repositioned. The doctor uses some techniques to regain the mobility and functionality of the jaw.

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Botulin toxin has been proven and tested to reduce muscle tone effectively for several months. Botox is indicated for pain treatment due to tension headache, migraine, chronic back pain, and myofascial pain syndrome (MPS).

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EMG - Electromyography

An EMG is non-painful test of the facial muscles with readings recorded to a machine. It involves testing the electrical activity of the muscles. Electrodes are attached to your skin to measure these processes and display them on a monitor.

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What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ consists of a number of problems involving the teeth, muscles, ligaments, and bones of the skull or joints that prevent your jaw’s movement from functioning correctly. The most common causes of TMJ are trauma to the face and jaw, clenching, grinding, missing teeth and stress (Anxiety and/or Depression). TMJ symptoms are multiple and varied ranging from pain in the head to a sensation of weakness of the arm and leg muscles.

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