When a tooth cannot be restored it needs to be extracted to prevent periodontal disease.

Tooth extractions are done in one appointment. The duration of this procedure depends on the complexity of the extraction. Tooth extractions should be performed using atraumatic techniques to minimize injury or trauma.

Once a tooth is extracted, it is highly recommended to place some bone to fill the space created by the removal of the tooth, and promote bone formation. This is called Socket Preservation. This is a good step to prepare the area for a dental implant.

If the patient plans to get dental implants, the socket preservation procedure will maintain and enhance the site, providing adequate anchorage for the upcoming implant.

When a tooth is extracted without proper atraumatic techniques and the site or socket is not grafted, the patient will loose a great percentage of the alveolar bone. If implants are considered after, the dentist will have to perform additional more invasive surgical procedures to grow bone in the site, or will have to place thinner shorter implants, affecting the long term anchorage, cosmetics, and functionality.